fuck you


We all have creative potential that social norms override.

This concept is at the basis of graffiti and urban exploration. They both attempt a dissolution of the boundaries of property, an extreme critique to privatized consumption and a deep interest in the exploration of margins. I love all these ideas and I try to reflect them somehow in my pictures.

“Fuck You” is a photograph taken in 2017 in a military barrack in Ferrol, a town in the North West of Spain.

Explore the margins, the places where mistery and creation happen.

Dubuffet thought that “the things we truly love, the things forming the basis and roots of our being, are generally things we never look at”.

For me, the photograph puts together several elements I am deeply fond of: powerful and chaotic colours that become organic, beautiful old-style pavements and a deteriorated liminal space to be discovered.

In a way, I have the feeling of being in front of a sculptural collage of my own child memories.