urbex photograph of abstract colours and textures, picture taken in ferrol, galicia

future past


Are we looking at the future or are these already the ruins of our memory?

Framed is a photograph taken in 2067, in the spring of 2020 or during the summer of 1956.

Light, colour and absence of human figures put the image in a state of abstraction. Abstraction from time concretion that takes us to a holistic time perception. The present moment, when the picture is taken, connects immediately with its dystopic destiny. Future becomes old and loaded with bits and pieces from our memories. All blended.

Past, present and future all blended.

Broken, dirty and dark are adjectives no longer appropriate. Defects merge in a sensual dance and the result is a canvas of liminal purity.

There is an effort to show image’s sensory level, that turns out to have a disturbing sensuality.

A landscape full of information about age, space, scent. A delicate and infinite travel through time.