Memory itself is a form of architecture.

Louise Bourgeois

The hegemony of the visual perception in our life and particularly in the urban environment is evident. This phenomenon has generated a sensory impoverishment in the enjoyment of spaces.

Architecture is the recipient of experiences and sensations. As Louise Bourgeois said, “space does not exist, it is just a metaphor for the structure of our existence. (…) Architecture is an object of our memory. When we evoke, when we conjure memory to make it clearer, we pile up associations the way we pile up bricks. Memory itself is a form of architecture.”

Abandoned architecture is therefore the perfect setting for sense and discovery. Decayed architectural forms crystallize emotions and allow us to get in touch with our memory with a unique immediacy. These spaces invite us to experiment, and they facilitate dialogue between visitor and space.

I follow this idea in my explorations and pictures. My photographs look for a kind of restoration. The aim is to repair the damages of memory and make something that is fragmented into something whole.