What does URBEX stand for?

The word Urbex comes from the English term “Urban Exploration”. It consists of exploring abandoned places, industrial zones, buildings under construction or sites that have restricted access to the general public.

Photography and historical interest/documentation are heavily featured in this activity, sometimes involving trespassing onto private property.

Urban exploration is also called draining (a specific form of urban exploration where storm drains or sewers are explored), urban spelunking, urban rock climbing, urban caving, building hacking, or mousing.

The activity presents various risks, including physical danger and, if done illegally and/or without permission, the possibility of arrest and punishment.

We must not forget that urban explorers generally move through places with a high level of deterioration, without maintenance or supervision.

In our explorations, it is vitally important to be accompanied, always carry a good technical kit with you and take extreme precautions. If possible, avoid going solo, but if you do so, let somebody know your destination and precise location.

Dangers can be diverse: collapsed ceilings, deteriorated stairs, flooding, toxic materials, etc. For this reason, we recommend that before visiting a place you inform yourself very well and know its history to know the main risks it may contain. You must also be properly equiped. 

Here my personal list:


Things that should take with you on any exploration


If your thing is to document the place, you must carry the following

extra care

To go underground or to places with harmful materials or chemicals