A few days ago, I was taking pictures in an abandoned munition warehouse near home. Most of these pre-democratic military places have similar characteristics: they are big and solid, full of interconnected corridors and completely empty, even clean sometimes. They are therefore perfect places for echo!

I usually hear echoes when I explore. This time however I was surprised by them. Provably I am just getting too used to being alone this period. In any case, this feeling got me to think on the concept and how we relate to it.

The self is nothing but an echo.

Paul Valéry

Technically, echoes or reverberations are reflections of sounds that arrive at the listener with a delay.

Only now I get the importance of these reflections, though. I believe that the perception and awareness of the inner self, the cogito, comes through the reflections on surfaces, both literal and metaphorical. They are the facilitators of dialectic, they allow orientation, connection to the past, and self-encounter.

Off course, they are delayed, weak, unexpected, imperfect and distorted reflections, but we depend on them. It is fundamental not to get used to their sound, and we must continue to surprise ourselves any time we get the chance to hear them.