not for the money


I read this article a few week ago. It tells the amazing experience of an urbex photographer getting into the abandoned Baikonur Cosmodrome in south Kazakhstan.

The article is not big deal, but I was blown away by the adrenaline it reveals.

There is something primitive in the action of intruding (or not intruding).

There are people who fear to break into unknown places. There are other that simply do not see any interest on it. The third group is formed by the ones that cannot stop the impulse of getting into places that are abandoned, forbidden, marginal or simply dark.

I am part of the third group, I guess. And the point is that there is nothing I can do to avoid it.

I am well aware of the fact that in these places I could come across individuals that might react to my presence. I also know the existence of private property and police. Besides, I am conscious about the unstable floors and ceilings, broken glasses, rusted pieces of metal, garbage, animals and dirt… I know all this, and as the protagonist of the article, I still can’t help it.

Because on the verge of every intrusion I am consumed by the…

Itching urgency

Growing obsession

Devouring rush

Compulsive eye moving

Craving for possession

Energy constriction

And finally

Sublime release.